Party Tips

10 Top Tips to Make your Party Great!

A great party can only happen with great preparation! If you plan for the unexpected, budget wisely and book entertainers (and your guests!) well ahead of time you will have a less stressful and much more enjoyable day!

Tip #1 – Begin preparation for your Party at least 3 months in advance.

At least 3 months before your party date, decide what type of party you are going to have. Some entertainment can be booked months ahead of time and you don’t want to miss out!
Decide on your theme and what type of entertainment you want and then book it! Your entertainer’s availability may help you determine the date as well.
If your child’s birthday falls during the Holiday periods (Christmas, New Year, Easter or School Holidays) it may be preferable to select a date outside of these times as people tend to go away during the holidays.
Decide how big or small you want your party to be. Council halls are a great option if you are having a bigger party and these can be booked by the hour quite cost effectively. A smaller party can be at home with Party Entertainers or

Tip #2 – Don’t make your party too long!

1st Birthdays – First birthdays are generally very special and are typically more for the parents to celebrate getting through the first year than for the birthday child itself! As such, plan to entertain older siblings, cousins, family and friends alongside the special birthday child.
For 2nd and 3rd birthdays, 1 and a half to 2 hours is plenty. Children this age tend to get tired quickly and many will still be napping twice a day. The best time to aim for 2nd and 3rd birthdays is the morning when children are freshest. 10:30 or 11:00 are good starters for these parties. Parents generally stay for children this age.
Two hours is a good time for children who are turning 4, 5 or 6 and either mornings, lunchtimes or afternoons are best. By the end of 2 hours if your party guests aren’t tired, you sure will be! These parties are when some children are old enough to be dropped off by their parents.
Children turning 7 and older will enjoy parties 2 hours or more, but no longer than 3 hours. After this, it’s time to let their parents’ take them home and burn off all that extra sugar energy.

Tip #3 – Send out your Invitations about 3 weeks before the Party!

With many children booked into weekend sport, swimming, church and other family activities, it is preferable to send out your Invites at least 3 weeks before your Party. This will give parents plenty of time to RSVP. If your school age child is handing around invites for their Party, be sure to check in with the parents as younger children tend to leave Party invitations languishing in the bottom of their School bags.
Follow up with Parents who haven’t RSVP’d one week before the Party. It is important to know numbers and ensure that you have catered for all Party guests.

Tip #4 –Structure the party

Have a planned Structure to the Party. This is where you decide what order the Entertainment will be, Party Food, Party Games etc.
When children arrive at a Party, it is important for them to feel comfortable and have something to do, especially if their parents are dropping them off. This can be a new experience for the Birthday Guest. Some ideas of things to do in the first 15 minutes or so
• Tattoos
• Paint Handprints on a canvas – a wonderful memento of a Birthday Party
• Introduce them to other Party guests.
Be sure to confirm the Party Finish time with the Parents if they are dropping off. Most children tend to be on time for a Party.
A typical Party would be structured as follows:
Morning Party starting at 10:30
– 10:30 – 10:45 – Introductions and making your guests feel at home
– 10:45 – 11:30 – Party Entertainment, Party Games
– 11:30 – 11:45 – Party Food
– 11:45 – 12:00 – Birthday Cake
– 12:00 – 12:15 – Birthday Presents
– 12:15 – 12:30 – Free time / Loot bags for Pick up.
An afternoon Party would follow the same structure, although a lunchtime Party may start with Lunch, thereby freeing up time for Entertainment and Party Games.

Tip #5 – Decorations

Creating your theme and decorating doesn’t need to be expensive or time consuming to do.
Keep it simple with balloons, streamers, Happy Birthday signs. Involve the Birthday host and siblings beforehand to help create the birthday scene.

Tip #6 – During the Party

Make sure you have planned all the games and they are age appropriate for the party guests. With the time available, you don’t actually need to have many games – perhaps 2 or 3. Have a couple of spare prizes and games up your sleeve as well just in case you misjudge time or the Entertainer shows up late!
Have a parent keep an eye for any children who aren’t being included or are left out.
If you have an Entertainer coming like a Face Painter, Balloon Twister or Magician they generally like to start on time as they may have other parties to attend.

Tip #7 – Food

Kids do not tend to eat a lot at Parties! The excitement of their friends, entertainment and party games tend to take the focus rather than food.
Do however offer plenty of fresh fruit, vegetable sticks alongside some of the sweeter foods. Avoid peanuts in case some guests have allergies. Stick to finger food.
Also keep jugs of water handy and try to avoid sweet fizzy drinks. Keep to watered down fruit juice or water. Children will be excited enough and don’t need the additional high that sugar brings!

Tip #8 – Presents

Put a table aside for presents and be sure to thank your guest for the present when they arrive. They will have put a lot of thought into it and it’s important it is acknowledged.
Kids love to see their present being opened, so always plan to have some time put aside to open the presents. It is best not to open the packaging of each present otherwise bits and pieces will go flying everywhere!
Make an adult responsible for writing down who gave the present so they can be acknowledged later.

Tip #9 – Photos

You will be so busy making sure all the guests are happy and having a great time (not to mention the birthday girl or boy!), so be sure to put someone in charge of taking photos of the special day.
This may be a great task for an older brother or sister, grandparent or other family member.

Tip #10 – Thank you Notes

A week after the party, do send a special Thank you note to all the guests to acknowledge their gift. This instigates good manners in children, so be sure to involve them in this so they can write their own special message or decorate with stickers and drawings.